Wedding Ceremony Program Schedule

Typical Wedding Ceremony Program Schedule

09:45 AM Gathering

10:15 AM Religious ceremony

  • Bride and groom, Homage to the Buddha
  • Light the candles and incenses (Bow down 3 times)
  • Bride and groom, Pay respect the monks
  • Bow down 3 times and then request and receive of the Five Precepts (Abstaining from killing, stealing, adultery, lying, and intoxicants)
  • All monks, Chanting of the Holy Verse, and Then the head of monks give a Buddhist doctrine about “the Four Virtues of a Householder.”
  • The head of monks makes anointment at groom’s forehead with the wet powder and then the head of monk put it on groom’s right index finger to make anointment at bride’s forehead and then sign your names in the temple book.
  • Bride and groom, Offer the flowers and gift offerings to the monks.
  • All monks, Blessing the Holy Verse (meanwhile bride and groom pour the water) and then the head of monk sprinkles the Holy water blessing.
  • Bride and groom, Return to the same seat, and then pay respect the monks with bowing down 3 times

End of Religious Ceremony

  • Bride and groom, pay respect the parents of bride and groom with bowing down 3 times at their knees.
  • Bride and groom go to the seat of pouring the blessed water, and then the parents or seniors put the blessed white cord on the head of bride and groom. It symbolizes the union of two individuals.
  • Parents, Relatives and friends, pour the blessed water on Bride and groom’s hands with putting together.