Private Funeral

The host of the departed or the Funeral Home may contact the temple to set up a date for Private Funeral services.

The following must be coordinated with the temple:

  • The total number of guests, including family attending the ceremony
  • The host may bring their own food.  The temple also has a kitchen that can prepare food for the ceremony, please ask the temple for the chef’s number.  The host must coordinate with the chef directly.
  • If you need help to prepare flowers and decoration of the funeral ceremony, the temple can refer you to individuals whom can assist.
  • The temple has minimal cleaning staff, any items brought from outside the temple, we respectfully request the host family discard them at the end of the ceremony.
  • The temple will setup the area including chairs, tables and a name-banner for the departed.
  • There will be four monks attending the ceremony.
  • If you have have your own welcome speech, eulogy and photo tribute please prepare them for the ceremony
  • The cost for the Buddhist Funeral ceremony at Wat Thai of Los Angeles is not required; it is traditionally made by donation by the host.
  • Portrait of the departed (or casket brought by funeral home)

Schedule of the Funeral Service (Buddhist Chanting Ceremony)

Starting Time 19:30 PM

  • The Buddhist chanting ceremonies will begin by lighting the candles and incense in front of Buddha image’s alter, Dharma alter, and portrait (or in front of the casket)
  • Requesting the five precepts from the monk
  • Chanting by monks
  • Video Tribute (optional)
  • A monk representative gives an eulogy
  • Final Chanting by monks
  • Offering the robes to the monks
  • Offering flowers to the monks
  • Blessing by monks
  • The representative of the family gives thanks and eulogy at the podium.